For your upcoming graduation photo session...

Please read the following important information:

  • Regardless of weather conditions, we will be setup and ready to go.
  • Please do not miss your appointment; unfortunately missed appointments cannot be rescheduled as this is our only session this year. There are no refunds for missed appointments.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to dress in grad gown and sign in, you will asked to confirm the information you entered such as permanent mailing address with apartment or unit number and postal code, and email address, proofs will be viewed online with notification being sent to your email
  • You will have a $15.00 balance owing. Please bring the exact amount with you (cash only). WE DO NOT PROVIDE CHANGE.
  • The $20.00 rebate on previous information refers to the final product, after receiving your proofs and calculating your desired purchase, The $20.00 rebate will be automatically deducted from the final total.
  • Please do not wear green, (clothing, hair, glasses, Jewellery, nail polish, etc…) Due to the green screen technology similar green, to the chrome key background will be removed and replaced with the various colours of the dropped in backgrounds.
  • Please refrain from wearing eye glasses with mirrored or reflective frames, as they reflect the green from the green screen, causing the replaced backgrounds to appear on the frames.
  • You may bring a prop to enhance your photos, such as….. A chef’s jacket or hat for the culinary program, a stethoscope for the nursing program (We will provide the nursing cap), Paramedics jacket or anything along those lines for the program you are taking.
  • Although ties for men and collars for ladies are not mandatory, they do in our opinion make the end result look finished and more traditional, this is our opinion only. The choice is yours and possibly your parents, come dressed as you wish and ready to go.
  • Lastly (make up, grooming, facial hair, hair style, stubble and accent jewellery) will be seen clearly in the finished products, keep it simple and be yourself. Mirrors will be available for personal touch ups.

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